View Full Version : Rise of the Triad KALI update...

11-10-1998, 08:09 PM
Please post your messages. JRD and CMILES met me on the kali server, we talked for a bit. We had no luck in playing any ROTT games (we need a decicated server, anyone willing please post a message). Ok....All ROTT fans out there with KALI I've drawn up some RULES for our games (Like 2).

1. One person is the decated server, in the game the person with the lowest score becomes the decated server. If thoes people lose again then we pick someones else to be the server (so we go all around)

2. We always meet back at the ID server or the Telus PLAnet server (only join the Telus server if told so)

I'm on Kali almost every night on the Id Software server. Come one come all to play.

P.S: How do I make thoes HAPPY SMILES like everyone else?

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