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01-25-1999, 09:50 AM
What do you overall think of Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold?


01-25-1999, 05:26 PM
I liked it, but when it was released, it was overshadowed by Doom. I didn't get a computer until a year after Doom was out, and the only games I had were Wolf 3D and Blake Stone, which were and still are 2 of my favorite games.

01-26-1999, 01:30 PM
I agree with that...while Blake Stone is more technologically advanced than Wolfenstein 3D, and is a very good game IMO, it got killed by Doom (not like that's bad or anything http://3drealms.3dportal.com/ubb/images/icons/smile.gif) which was released at approximately the same time.


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01-28-1999, 05:02 PM
I though Blake Stone wan't that fun, I played the shareware version of it for about an hour and couldn't find my way to get to the next level. I even downloaded the shareware version again recently and still couldn't do it, I guess I just really suck at it. Oh well, whatever.

01-29-1999, 07:32 AM
StevenVI, here's a walkthrough for level 1.
Please Note: I have not detailed any secrets, just the fastest way to next level.

START. Kill all guards in the first square-formed corridors with that cube-shaped room in the middle. Then find one of two blue doors that is on some of the outer-area walls. Enter the one closest to the dead-end with the two flower-plants (right corridor from elevator).
Kill the guard(s). Walk down this short hall until you come to a blue door to the left, near the fuse panel. Enter the door. If any, kill the guards, get info from informant (never shot informants, ask first). Enter the next door.
Go through small passage, enter next door.
If necessary, have an energy recharge before killing the next guards and bio-techs. Prepare yourself before entering the next room.
In the large open area, kill everything that move, get all treasures and shit, then find the red access card somewhere in the middle area (it looks like a hourglass with a red liquid in it. Oh, well, you'll find it). The red card is the key to next level.
Return to first square-corridors with the elevator, enter elevator, face panel and EXIT.