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my random adventures
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The Multiblog Pt 4

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Posted 04-08-2008 at 03:27 PM by evanazzo

In this blog.
1. OSSLT Literacy Test and how it is designed to make us fail
2. Orange Box Review
3. A random thought on the social circle
4. A random thought on loneliness and love

1. This test can go right to hell. Honestly it is the cheapest dullest most useless tool in the whole toolbox. This test does nothing buy increase peoples stress level and make them get all frustrated with it. One question asks you to write a 250 word response. If your over by 1 word the they f**k you. You get one mark off for each word over you are. Did i mention i have to pass this damn thing to graduate. They ask you dumb questions like you'll read a story about a train and one about a bear and you have to answer a question about how the train and bear are smiler. Who honestly gives a shit and how does this help me in real life. Then the multiple choice. They make you read something and then answer the questions. But the answers are all right you have to find the one thats most right. >.< GFY OSSLT GFY

2.I picked up Orange Box a few weeks ago. I had never finished HL1 due to the rental on the ps2 game being up as I reached Xen and then the pc version not working on the shittastic IBM. But i decided HL2 should be good and i should know everything after looking up everything on HL1 up so i bought it for $50 and gave it a go. I found HL2 so much fun. The soundtrack amazing the controls spectacular the story unbelievable (in the good way not the OMG THIS GAMES STORY IS SO NOT BELIEVABLE IT SUCKS way) It still pisses me off that i don't know what Gmans about but thats okay episode 3 and HL3 are on the way. After playing through it I thought hmm Alyx isn't that bad. Maybe Bombshell wont be bad ether as long as she can fend for herself. Now Portal. I WANT MY @$^$#@%^ CAKE. I hope for a second game because i loved this game. The puzzle aspect was great and the game was really enjoyable. TF2 now this is a game i can play for hours non stop. I love it. Not as many jerkoffs as in other online games and no one really bunnyhops. Bunnyhopping is annoying as hell. I love this game. The classes make things balanced and the maps are wonderful.
All in all OB gets a 9.7/10

3. Okay so were kinda divided in our school in terms of social status. I kind of fit in the nerd category but i have friends all over. I made friends with this guy i guess can be considered a jock. His buddies are constantly f**king with me when hes not around but when he is they stfu. He asks me to fix his computer (it was lagging like crazy and slower then molasses) so I go over and run a few spyware scans (over 200 cases) and fix everything. So he tells his buddies i helped him and they want me to check there shit. I'm getting payed so why do i care if the dudes a prick as long as he pays me. I start fixing there computers and i start getting ****** with less and less. I thought about this and i noticed that Social status is nice but its useless. Whats a nerd going to do when someones being a prick to them. If they have jock friends they'll ask them for help. What does a jock do when his computer runs like shit. Calls a nerd buddy for help. Now what i dont get is why we are so divided. why do we have to be classified into groups if we end up helping each other out anyway. Meh maybe its just the way things are.

4. I watched this video the other night and it got me thinking about loneliness. I'm not lonely, I have friends and family. But I wonder if theres something more, and someone out there that wants something more from me. I guess i just want someone who will be there for me when i need them most but on a higher level. Sometimes although i have the friends and the family I still cant help but feel like that pyro. Longing for someone to hang out with. Maybe i need to stop bitching about things that mean nothing to the rest of you :P.
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    I bunny hop in TF2,unless im a heavy.
    Posted 04-20-2008 at 09:18 AM by Llama Gibbz Llama Gibbz is offline

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