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my random adventures
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The Multi-Blog

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Posted 03-04-2008 at 05:22 PM by evanazzo

I have a lot on my mind. So I'm going to put them all in one blog. Here we go

1. Damn computer:
Okay so the computer guy came today. and he tried to fix are hard drive. it turns out we did something and the computer thinks the C: and the D: (the other internal hard drive) are all one drive. so we lost everything on both drives. including my f**king project i was working on. I'm just going to tell me teacher that i got it done and my computers hard drive got f**ked up and if you don't believe me call my dad. we put in the new hard drives. 2 320 gigs. plus my dads got another 300gig external and hes buying a new 500 gig external. we also got a new graphics card. DX10 woot. I'm installing Windows as we speak,

2. Me, My life, And the online community:
I never really realized this until today. I really don't have a lot of friends. You know that kid in movies that sits alone on the bus when everyone around him is sitting with there friends and having fun, or the kid that has a whole table to himself in the cafeteria because no one wants to sit with him. Well I realized today that I am that guy. I never really ever had a lot of friends. I was known as the kid with a short temper. could go from 0-pissed in 2.2 seconds. But 2 schools and 3 years later I straightened myself out, I was graduating (earning most improved student award for behavior and academic improvement) and it was time for high school. I think great. Another new start and this time I'm not going to f**k this up. Little did i know this is the exact opposite. Its a bloody melting pot. everyone from the past 3 schools all mending together exchanging stories and when they realize I'm there the old stories start flowing. People still seam to think I'm going to go from 0 - pissed in 2.2 seconds, and thats all there willing to believe. Are they open to the fact that I've changed? No they WANT me to be the short tempered one. They WANT to be able to piss me off. They don't want to see that I've changed they want a bloody emotional punching bag. I guess I'm tired of being that kid. I just want people to see me as a normal kid. But people want to believe what they want to believe and i cant change that. Over the years I've turned to the internet and videogaming as hobbies, and online videogaming is the greatest thing I think has happened to me. I get online, I start playing a game, I start talking to people. and I start making friends. I actually start having friends. These people don't know who i am they don't know my past. They don't judge me on who I was because they don't know who I was. They know who I am now. And its great. These people don't try to piss me off. They don't want to get me mad. they want to play a game with me and have fun. before i knew it my xfire list had 5 times more people then my MSN list. These guys were my friends and they helped me from feeling like shit all the time. I may not have friends IRL and i may not ever meet these guys IRL but they treat me like I should be treated and I'd take these guys over home town friends any day. I guess IRL I will always be a loser until i reach collage or the workforce. But wile I'm in high school at least I have my gaming buddies to fall back on and thats good enough for me.

3. The Game:
Well I finally got through Star Wars Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 and I went to play the expansion pack (which is a lot better.) and I go to load it and it gives me some damn error saying there is no disk. the disk is in there but it just wont recognize it. I think I'll just download it since I did buy the game and now its not working there is no harm in downloading it since i payed for it.

End Of Multi-blog
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  1. Old Comment
    Dopefish7590's Avatar
    Dark forces 2: Jedi Knight... I loved that game

    And as for your friend issue... I've been there, sometimes it is best to try to get to know other people, they will want to know you in return.
    Posted 03-06-2008 at 02:45 AM by Dopefish7590 Dopefish7590 is offline

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