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Zoids Battle Story

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Posted 11-19-2008 at 04:12 PM by Bit-Cloud

The planet Zi and its ion-rich oceans gave birth to a large number of metal life forms. Some went on to become the humanoid Zoidians. Others became the creatures known as Zoids, mechanical living beings with a core as a central life-force. For centuries, the Zoidians lived in small tribes with an emphasis on survival, as their planet was wreaked with earthquakes and volcanoes. As the tectonic instability quieted down, their numbers grew, and people had time to squabble over territory. They took and modified the wild Zoids of the planet, eventually altering and changing them into massive war machines. In ZAC 1955, Helic Muroa of the Wind Tribe, who had tired of the constant battles, united the fifty tribes of the Central Continent into a single nation. He managed to convince his rival Guylos (of the Earth tribe) to ally with him as well. Helic's two sons, Helic II and Zenebas Muroa, inherited his nation after his death in ZAC 1978. However, Zenebas plotted to take control of the entire continent. He was cast out - or perhaps left - splitting the continent into two groups; the Helic Republic in the east and the Zenebas Empire in the west. The two nations went to war in ZAC 1980, beginning a series of low-scale conflicts. In ZAC 2029, a ship from Earth, the Globally 3, crashed on Zi in the middle of the Central Continent. The survivors joined both the Empire and the Republic, using advanced Earth technologies to increase the war potential of the Zoids. The force of the war increased, as new Zoids like the Gojulas and Iron Kong were deployed. The two sides battled for nearly a decade, until the Republic deployed the super-heavy Ultrasaurus. With the Ultrasaurus, the Helic Republic was able to defeat the Zenebas Empire. Emperor Zenebas himself fled, traveling to the Dark Continent of Nyx. Once there, he made a bargain with the emperor of the Guylos Empire to rebuild his army. In ZAC 2042, he returned, invading the Republic with a force of new Zoids. The Zenebas forces quickly advanced with the rollout of the Death Saurer in ZAC 2042, crushing the capital of the Republic. The Republic's government survived, and planned a counter-offensive in the midst of guerrilla warfare in the mountain ranges. In ZAC 2048, they deployed a new Zoid, the Madthunder. With the new Zoid, they were able to defeat the Death Saurer armies and destroy the Zenebas Empire. Zenebas fled again, but before he could reach the Dark Continent, the forces of the Guylos Empire ambushed him. Zenebas was killed, while his daughter Elena was captured by Guylos soldiers, who used her to force Störmer, a top Zenebas ace, to serve the Guylos Empire. In ZAC 2051, after two years of peace, strange events begin occurring on the Central Continent. Plants withered, animals fled, and the ground itself became dry and cracked. The source of these events was revealed to be strange energy from the Dark Continent by Shuu, a scientist and son of one of Helic's generals. In response, the Helic army launched a scout mission-slash-invasion of the Dark Continent. The Helic forces landed in ZAC 2053, and fought their way through to the Godcry, an immense canyon. Once there they became bogged down in an eighteen-month, stalemate with the Guylos Empire, battling back and forth in the Devil’s Maze, a massive network of canyons. Finally, in ZAC 2055, the Helic army broke through using the new Salamander F2 and the Madthunders. However, they soon faced Guylos' trump card, the incredibly powerful Gilvader, piloted by Störmer. Having wiped out the invading force, Störmer led a force of Gilvaders in a series of attacks on the Central Continent. To defend itself, the Republic created the Orudios. Forces of Orudios attacked the Gilvaders, and were able to defeat them, apparently killing Störmer. With the Gilvader force defeated, the Republic deployed the King Gojulas, a monstrous Zoid that decimated the Guylos forces. The King Gojulas advanced on the Guylos capittal, with only a few units left to hold it off.
Before the final battle could take place, a meteor struck one of Zi’s three moons. The moon was shattered, raining meteors down on Zi. The Central Continent was sundered into three sections, while part of the Dark Continent sunk into the ocean. Most of the wild Zoids, as well as many of the Zoidians themselves, were wiped out.
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    Nice story. ^_^
    Posted 03-06-2009 at 01:28 PM by Jinroh Jinroh is offline

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