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Conversation Between oak man and Dopefish7590
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  1. Dopefish7590
    03-20-2008 05:26 PM
    Hey Oak, can you get an IRC client and join #3drealms? I want to ressurect IRC for this forum. :)
  2. oak man
    03-20-2008 01:12 AM
    oak man
    "The Tuna faints"
    Member from our tuna roleplay!?

    ^^ an actual pic of the tuna sandwitch I was eatin' :gross:
  3. Dopefish7590
    03-19-2008 09:31 PM
    Hey Oak!
  4. Dopefish7590
    03-13-2008 07:18 PM
    Fourth. *Facepalm*
  5. Dopefish7590
    03-12-2008 01:17 AM
    Heh, gotta love it how I logon 20 minutes after you leave... Third time now. :o
  6. Dopefish7590
    03-10-2008 04:44 PM
    Dopefish7590: *pointing at avatar* Duck!

    *everyone ducks*

    Dopefish7590: ...
  7. Dopefish7590
    03-05-2008 10:24 PM

    I think you can get the graphics libraries for C/C++ here...
  8. Dopefish7590
    02-27-2008 02:37 AM
  9. oak man
    02-27-2008 02:25 AM
    oak man
    Thanks for all the ADOI! :o)
    Im goin to sleep now its 2:24am o.O
  10. Dopefish7590
    02-27-2008 02:19 AM
    Hey oak!

    Posting the pic here?

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