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Conversation Between Ramen4ever and Da_Lurker
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  1. Ramen4ever
    05-07-2009 06:10 PM
    I know. I really didn't see this coming. I mean last twitter George had was about that fan made LOTR film. Then Bam. 3DR is biting the dust? Joe says it's true. Well I hope there's still a fight coming up with the possibility of DNF still being made. Otherwise it's a real bummer.
  2. Da_Lurker
    05-07-2009 06:03 PM
    Maybe it's not over yet ;______;

    We still didnt hear the last word on it.

    It feel so sad, when we were so closer (apparently). Just 71 tasks left...
  3. Ramen4ever
    05-07-2009 05:59 PM
    Thx ^_^
    I'm still posting over at duke4. Best wishes to you.
    It's really sad about 3drealms. I hope one day Duke will appear in a new title. Even if it doesn't happen for another decade.
  4. Da_Lurker
    05-07-2009 05:53 PM
    Now that's it all over I need to say that you, as some other users in here, were my main reason to logging on the forum.

    Your posts were good.

    Best of the lucks wherever you go next.
  5. Ramen4ever
    02-17-2009 03:26 PM
    Meh, don't worry about it. There's no such thing as overloading a mailbox. I do like Ecchi stuff. Especially comedic ecchi. Like Hanaukyo maids tai. (sp) Especially the episode in which the main character goes to the mountains with his body guard. (Very Ecchi and very funny) I also love Golden Boy, Bastard! and Black Lagoon. They all have their ecchi moments and fan service.

    I haven't read the Golden Boy manga or the entire Bastard! manga and I don't know of a Hanaukyo maids tai manga. (sp) So just the animes of those.

    My favorite manga's are Berserk, Vagabond, GTO(anime too + prequels), Fist of the North Star, Hajime no Ippo. Though I also used to like Kenshin, Scrapped Princess, Trigun, Onegai teacher, and the such. I'm not a fan of em anymore. Except for The Kenshin Ova's 1-4.
  6. Da_Lurker
    02-17-2009 02:58 PM
    Yays! I like manga too!

    To me it vary from saga to saga, sometimes I prefer the manga version over the anime and sometimes not! Most of the time the original comes first.

    Anyway, I didn't want to scare you with that h-stuff but....you sure are into ecchi!! Or your pics are all lies :P

    So....any good series you like so much?

    PS: Don't worry, I won't overload your mail box, I'll let you live. Haha.
  7. Ramen4ever
    02-17-2009 02:33 PM
    Glad you like it. I'm more of a manga type of person though. And I'm not into H-stuff.
  8. Da_Lurker
    02-17-2009 02:24 PM
    I love your avatar very much for some months now ^____^

    Yaaaaah! I've been lurking since December 2007 and now I finally joined!

    What's up Ramen? I love anime and h-stuff if you know what I mean :P

    Oh well, what a card of presentation :D

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