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Conversation Between Ramen4ever and ZuljinRaynor
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  1. Ramen4ever
    05-07-2009 09:21 PM
    >_< that's too bad. I'll see you on steam then sometime later. I'll still be around here till the place shuts down.
  2. ZuljinRaynor
    05-07-2009 09:12 PM
    I don't think I'll be at Duke4.net. I don't like that place. :/
  3. Ramen4ever
    05-07-2009 09:10 PM
    See you at Duke4.net? I'm not into steam but I'll probably install it during the summer when I have more time be online.

    Apogee is still up and running so maybe they'll take Duke Nukem over. Don't know about DNF. I am hoping we will still one day get a DN FPS.
  4. ZuljinRaynor
    05-07-2009 07:49 PM
    Hey man. See you around. If you get Steam, then great. Hopefully this ain't the end. :)
  5. ZuljinRaynor
    04-30-2009 01:09 PM
    Well then, you need a shovel to pierce the ground!
  6. Ramen4ever
    04-30-2009 12:55 PM
    But... it's cold up there. :(
    And I've already got reservations on the scorching sands by the river of fire.
  7. ZuljinRaynor
    04-30-2009 12:48 PM
    Ramen, you need to get a drill to pierce the heavens.
  8. ZuljinRaynor
    02-19-2009 04:23 PM
    The Bible Black H game is nice cause it's in English text... unlike Shuffle! or Primitive Link. ;_; Those have nicer art than BB though and probably nicer stories.
  9. Ramen4ever
    02-19-2009 04:20 PM
    Go play dividead it's a very ****** up h-game. Has a great Read-me.
    "If you understand the story, we recommend getting professional help." lol

    Anyway, apart from golden boy the only other borderline hentai /softporn I like is Knights of Xentar/Dragon knights I,II,(III),IV.
  10. ZuljinRaynor
    02-19-2009 04:14 PM
    I prefer Angel Blade over Bible Black anyway. :P

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