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Conversation Between gamejunkie and Llama Gibbz
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  1. Llama Gibbz
    01-17-2009 04:10 PM
    Llama Gibbz
    Yep,they dont make metal like they used to. :D
  2. gamejunkie
    12-29-2008 04:38 PM
    Yeah, I don't watch much TV but House is pretty good.
  3. Llama Gibbz
    12-26-2008 04:02 PM
    Llama Gibbz
    I just got into the show,over the thanksgiving holiday marathons. :o
  4. gamejunkie
    12-26-2008 03:43 PM
    It's not lupus!
  5. Llama Gibbz
    12-24-2008 11:08 PM
    Llama Gibbz
    Have a broo-tall merry christmas
  6. gamejunkie
    12-20-2008 03:06 PM
    Hey, you forgot to say please. (Takes a puff of his cigar and puts it out on Gibbs' chest)
  7. Llama Gibbz
    12-19-2008 02:27 PM
    Llama Gibbz

    Now give me your your clothes boots and motorcycle.
  8. Llama Gibbz
    12-15-2008 02:35 AM
    Llama Gibbz
    I like it,im a sucker for schwarzenegger movie quotes though.

    Lyrics arent that brilliant,but the guitar work is just good brutal thrash metal.
    Its side project from the vocalist from As I Lay Dying

    Austrian Death Machine Myspace

    More samples on Youtube

    Theres also Arnocorps,who also use schwarzenegger movies for material and been doing this for many years.
    But has more of a punk sound.
    Not really my cup of tea.
  9. gamejunkie
    09-14-2008 06:35 PM
    I know, I was joking around. His voice is interesting and cool at the same time.
  10. Llama Gibbz
    09-14-2008 04:34 AM
    Llama Gibbz
    As seen here.
    He is just a danish texan redneck.

    Scary.... no.
    Creepy looking with a cool voice...yes :D

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