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Conversation Between DeeperThought and Dimebog
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  1. Dimebog
    04-18-2009 09:21 PM
    Thanks for your help, man. In your Duke Plus code, I found the part where trigonometric operations are used to calculate xvel and zvel. The 'splash physics' for our C2G mod was one of the last few things that we had troubles with and now I've literally implemented the effect fully in a matter of hours.

    Next on the list are custom gibs and blood-spraying, but I think I know how to replicate those effects now. And then there's those kickable objects which I believe is something that has been done before (there should be a 'football' mod floating around?) and making a system for unlocking doors after checking in the inventory for a certain item (key), which I also believe has been done in several mods.

    If I get stuck about the specifics of those things, I know where to ask. :)

    Thanks again for all the help.
  2. Dimebog
    04-20-2008 09:55 AM
    Common it's a Build game, it's supposed to be old-school sector-shaded badassedness! What I would like to see more than that, is perhaps a more advanced level editor (I'm not saying Mapster32 is bad, I just think it could use more features). And most definitely, the mirror-stacking trick as seen in BLOOD. If I'm not wrong, IceColdDuke managed to implement that at one point using parts of the Alpha source as reference, and failed to mention that, and also eDuke code, again, without including the GNU or giving credits. Still, I'd like to see that done.

    P.S. Yo DT! Sorry for the intrusion. I'm a real fan of your work. I hope that at some point, you could clone yourself a couple of times so that more people can benefit from your wisdom. Peace!

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