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Conversation Between Bludd and Yatta
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  1. Yatta
    07-22-2009 07:26 PM
    you remind me of the time i was a girl
    every time i danced my hair would whirl
    and then came the night of the leaving dead
    when i had sex with someone on your bed
    its name was bludd and it sucked a lot
    moreso than you would have ever thought
  2. Bludd
    12-24-2008 02:35 PM
    mary chrimsas you jerk :)
  3. Yatta
    12-24-2008 12:15 AM
    You suck and are generally made of suck,

    but Merry Christmas, I love you nontheless. <3
  4. Bludd
    12-16-2008 03:56 PM
    i hate you so much yatta
    ps that blog guy is an idiot
  5. Yatta
    12-16-2008 12:10 PM

    Anything that demotes Colbert (even if wrongly so) is welcomed in my book because I can post it on your profile and gloat about it. :-)
  6. Bludd
    11-20-2008 03:54 AM
    i am totally going to watch that special
    it will be awesome
  7. Yatta
  8. Yatta
    05-24-2008 01:38 PM
    You're pregnant.

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