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Showing results 51 to 75 of 192 gXboxLive Leaderboard
Rank User Name GamerTag Score Reputation Zone Games
51st Quokimbo RainbowRandoIph 23130 Reputation: 20 Recreation Gears of War 2 Stranglehold Gears of War BioShock Borderlands
52nd CrispLizard CrispLizard man 22426 Reputation: 20 Underground Modern Warfare® 2 Castle Crashers SplinterCellConviction Joust GTA IV
53rd Swan swanantoine 22326 Reputation: 20 Recreation GTA IV Prince of Persia Mass Effect 2 Poker Smash Shadow Complex
54th Blinxerizer BLINXERIZER 21850 Reputation: 20 Underground Kameo Game Room Banjo-Kazooie DOOM II Banjo-Tooie
55th danny88 CommanderSmiley 21740 Reputation: 20 Underground Modern Warfare® 2 Call of Duty: WaW Call of Duty 4 Left 4 Dead 2 Red Dead Redemption
56th Pazurek pazoo78 21260 Reputation: 20 Recreation BioShock 2 Game Room Duke Nukem - Manhattan Castle Crashers SuperStreetFighter2THD
57th ZZSazabi RevolverGriffin 20518 Reputation: 20 Underground Saints Row 2 Mass Effect 2 Dragon Age: Origins Call of Duty: WaW Red Dead Redemption
58th SplatterHappy SplatterHappy 19876 Reputation: 20 Recreation  
59th Tehis Tehis 19375 Reputation: 20 Recreation Modern Warfare® 2 Red Dead Redemption Winterbottom Scrap Metal Battlefield 1943™
60th Dysitis Dysitis 19070 Reputation: 20 Recreation Gears of War 2 DOOM II Duke Nukem 3D Left 4 Dead 2 Gears of War
61st Funiclown Pantherman 19065 Reputation: 20 Recreation Gears of War 2 Modern Warfare® 2 Perfect Dark Call of Duty Classic Perfect Dark Zero
62nd Alien Slayer DEMON SN1PER666 18855 Reputation: 20 Underground Dragon Age: Origins Modern Warfare® 2 Battlefield: Bad Co. 2 Game Room Guitar Hero II
63rd Raoul Luigi The Nefarious J 18126 Reputation: 20 Recreation Fallout 3 Guitar Hero Metallica UFC 2009 Undisputed Guitar Hero World Tour Brütal Legend
64th UTWarden UTWarden 17767 Reputation: 20 Recreation Call of Duty: WaW Duke Nukem - Manhattan ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE Gears of War 2 Castle Crashers
65th jagguar20 jagguar20 17603 Reputation: 20 Underground Battlefield: Bad Co. 2 N+ Game Room BioShock Oblivion
66th AcesOfJokers deathcheckedin 17546 Reputation: 20 Underground Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Portal: Still Alive Duke Nukem - Manhattan Left 4 Dead Perfect Dark
67th Dark Agent The BS Police 17365 Reputation: 20 Recreation Duke Nukem 3D Perfect Dark Mass Effect 2 Halo Waypoint Mass Effect
68th snip3d I sNip3d l 17204 Reputation: 20 Family Gears of War Mirror's Edge™ The Orange Box Ghostbusters STREET FIGHTER IV
69th SoldierIce52 SoldierIce64 17192 Reputation: 20 Underground Mass Effect 2 Soulcalibur IV Dragon Age: Origins Assassin's Creed II GTA IV
70th 81 Z28 Cesko81 17101 Reputation: 20 Recreation Skate 3 Halo 3 Duke Nukem 3D skate. Modern Warfare® 2
71st Woutsie Woutsie 16955 Reputation: 20 Recreation LEGO Batman GRID Red Dead Redemption LEGO Star Wars: TCS Sonic The Hedgehog 2
72nd Rat Nukem Rat Nukem 16790 Reputation: 20 Underground Red Dead Redemption Fallout 3 Left 4 Dead 2 Sonic & Knuckles Worms 2: Armageddon
73rd DoT I RIOT I DoT I RIOT I 16450 Reputation: 20 Underground  
74th Vyse Vesayem 16305 Reputation: 20 Recreation  
75th comegetsome64 Evil Dead Fan 16235 Reputation: 20 Recreation Duke Nukem - Manhattan Sonic The Hedgehog Game Room Worms 2: Armageddon Duke Nukem 3D
Showing results 51 to 75 of 192

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55Silver Accounts
3,285,765Total Score
3,541Total Reputation
By 8 players By 3 players By 3 players By 2 players By 2 players
Halo 3: By 133 players Duke Nukem 3D: By 129 players GTA IV: By 118 players Fallout 3: By 115 players Gears of War 2: By 112 players

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