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  1. alexgk
    12-23-2008 12:11 AM
    Your existence is, actually, very lame D:
  2. Blue Lightning
    12-08-2008 10:05 PM
    Blue Lightning
    Well that is true, which is also why I avoid talking race as much as possible...it gets too hot. However, even that can be talked about on this thread, as long as it does not get hot. I dont think that the Mumbai thread had a 'hot" disscussion of religion...it was a large string of respectful posts for the most part.

    Joe said it "derailed the thread"...I disagree, but my say doesnt really matter.
  3. Yatta
    12-06-2008 12:46 PM
    I think the mods would agree with you on the connection you're referring to.

    However, I understand Joe's concern about attacking politics and religion on a gaming forum which he is responsible for. Sometimes talking about things like this in public can get you in trouble with the wrong folks.
  4. Blue Lightning
    12-05-2008 07:48 AM
    Blue Lightning
    Thanks then for the support Yatta.

    Sometimes certain subjects cannot be avoided. The subject of religion cannot be avoided on the Mumbai thread, since religion was the motivation for the terrorists. I do not consider religion a "derailment" of the thread. the mods saw it differently. Now the thread has been reduced to disscussion about death and injury statistics. Everytime someone mentions "those damn terrorists", someone else is dying to mention something about their religion motivating them but...they have to back off right there. Makes no sense. The thread name is "Terrorist attacks in Mumbai"...so the motivation for the terrorists SHOULD be disscussed. Just my opinion of course...but the mods on the DN forum have the final say, and made their decision against me on that.
  5. Yatta
    12-04-2008 11:40 PM
    Hm I don't have a problem with your posts. If you ever got my PM, you'd know I was actually supporting your views in the Mumbai thread before Joe cleaned it up.
  6. Blue Lightning
    12-04-2008 10:24 PM
    Blue Lightning
    Blue Lightnings PM thread rules:

    1. Free speech is welcome. Almost any subject is fair game. If a debate gets too hot, I will usually just warn instead of delete the posts. I'm not a fan of over moderating. I believe that most debates can be cooled down by the members themselves. I beleive in personal responsiblity and the chance to let people moderate their own actions. Unlike the DN forum, I dont just erase a whole swath of posts for no reason or because the thread got supposedly "de-railed". That is Weaksauce with a capital W. I like members to correct and get the thread back on track themselves if possible.

    Subjects that are not tolerated: Porn is not tolerated here. Threats are not tolerated here. Piracy is not tolerated here. Some cussin I can overlook, but dont get too nasty.

    Try and show a little respect even for those who you disagree with. A little trolling or flaming is ok if it is interesting and somewhat makes sense. Dont go overboard though ;)
  7. Blue Lightning
    12-04-2008 10:15 PM
    Blue Lightning
    Well I assume you dont like my posts, which is why you come here and mess with me. The post that I deleted made me think you are messing with me, because it was a huge paragraph of a bunch of garble about lighting is purple and why am I messing up your life and so on. The whole post didnt even make sense, and if it was your way of "scocializing through some jokes", then I didnt get the joke.

    As far as me talking about I dont like porn or cussin on my thread, I was not refering to you. I was explaining to all here what my simple rules are. :)

    I assume many do not like my posts on the forums because I tell hard truths. I am very controversial.
  8. Yatta
    12-04-2008 09:16 PM
    I was just kidding about your name. I was just trying to socialize with you through some jokes.

    Also, I have no idea what you're talking about in reference to your posts.
  9. Blue Lightning
    12-04-2008 08:14 PM
    Blue Lightning
    Dont be messin up PM box with crap Yatta. If you dont like my posts, you dont have to read them.

    Man, so many people cant handle truths...

    I do believe in free speech...even if it hurts. I generally will not moderate or edit posts...unless someone is being an obvious troll and posting stuff that doesnt even make sense in order to get a reaction. If you goin to troll, do it right. I dont like cussin' except for an ocasional one. And no talkin porn on this thread either.

    While I'm moderating my PM box, let me tell people a little about me. I'm Blue Lightning. I am an FPS gamer. Favorites = Half Life 2 and Half Life, and DN3D and Bioshock, and Dark Messiah and COD, and many more. Condemned is the best horror game. And right now I have been putting many hours in on "Red Orchestra", which is a first person multiplayer game by Tripwire Interactive. It is a WWII shooter + WWII tank sim. Favorite tank= the German Tiger.

    Ok, thats a little bit about me for my friends...
  10. Yatta
    12-04-2008 07:33 PM
    So have you decided when you will change your name to Purple Lightning?


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