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thund3r 12-26-2009 05:40 AM

ROTT in Snow Leopard OSX
Hi everyone, i've been playing a fair bit of ROTT though this port http://www.dr-lex.be/software/rott.html and although its buggy at times it played fine with constant saving. I have recently upgraded to snow leopard and the program crashes at launch, does anyone know if the port is compatible with snow leopard, and if not is there a way to move my save from the app so i can play it in dosbox?



jbailey 12-27-2009 12:05 AM

Re: ROTT in Snow Leopard OSX
I'm not at all familiar with mac stuff, but I'm pretty sure that any files
written out by that version of the game will be a mac format file (regardless
of the contents) and it would not work in dosbox. You really should ask the
developers of that particular version of the game, I'm a 'pc only' person


Nubwagon 03-16-2010 04:47 PM

Re: ROTT in Snow Leopard OSX
I currently run a Mac and up to now, I've been booting into Windows in order to run ROTT (and other PC games). I'll hafta give this a shot to see how it works. I'm on Leopard, not Snow Leopard yet. I'll let you know how this works out for me. Thanks!

filipetolhuizen 03-26-2010 04:55 PM

Re: ROTT in Snow Leopard OSX
Does Snow Leopard still have rosetta?

Neuro 04-03-2010 09:50 AM

Re: ROTT in Snow Leopard OSX
Who gives a ****?

COMM-BAT, please. Thanks. Not some more useless ports for shitty operating systems that fingernail-polishing morons use.

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