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8IronBob 11-06-2010 07:38 AM

IE9 Beta, anyone like? Dislike?
I'm trying out the IE9 Beta right now, and so far, I think some of the changes do take getting somewhat used to. Now the address bar is on the left of the tabs, as opposed to on top of the tabs, and it just seems...well...weird now. Anyone else think IE9 has some good potential this time around, or do you think that this may need to be looked at the drawing board again?

Dopefish7590 11-07-2010 02:49 AM

Re: IE9 Beta, anyone like? Dislike?
It has definitely sped up a lot from before, still can't say I'm much of a fan though.

8IronBob 11-07-2010 10:54 AM

Re: IE9 Beta, anyone like? Dislike?
Yeah, that's what I mean, I believe that IE is starting to become too much like Chrome now. For the longest time, IE was competing with Firefox, now it seems like they're eyeing Google more than Mozilla.

ZuljinRaynor 11-07-2010 11:04 AM

Re: IE9 Beta, anyone like? Dislike?
I'm sure you haven't seen how Firefox 4 also goes for a similar look towards Chrome. Everyone is going minimalistic.

IE9 is great, fastest browser for me. It's only bad when it causes my video card to crash.

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