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Altered Reality 08-30-2009 12:27 PM

ROTT remake coming (WID)
I wonder what it will look and play like...

nebiatsu 09-01-2009 12:16 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man

This better not go the way of DNF.
I SO want this.

Bad Sector 09-01-2009 01:19 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
I hope Tom Hall is somehow involved in this, even if a little :-)

Exitus 09-01-2009 03:45 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
I hope it's ragdoll physics and five vastly, vastly different ways to play the game depending on the character you chose. As for the engine, I don't care what engine they use, ROTT was always about gameplay, not visuals.

I wonder what they will do to the weapon system.

I hope Joe Siegler gets involved in this.

Duke's New Chainsaw 09-01-2009 06:50 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
I hope it's good. :)

That means it better kick ass like the first and be nothing less.

Bad Sector 09-02-2009 04:39 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
Well, it better be true to the original otherwise it doesn't make sense. ROTT isn't a strong name/franchise and even back in the day it wasn't a big success. And it doesn't even have "historic" value like Wolfenstein has (as in kickstarting the whole FPS genre thing). So its not like they can milk the name.

ZuljinRaynor 09-02-2009 08:58 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
Ugh, I hope it's a remake and not a reboot unless it's both in one where they still keep the old characters and story somewhat.

Rapture_Rising 09-02-2009 11:17 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
Absolutely awesome, This is another game i can eagerly await for.

Tyler23 09-03-2009 12:10 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
The main question for me is, will it be a PC/console game or just a Iphone/PSP game like the Duke triology??

Kristian Joensen 09-03-2009 01:11 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
I don't know, but to those that automatically assume just because is is Apogee LLC it is has to be a portable/handheld or mobile game:


After a 13 year absence, Apogee Software is “Back in Action” as a publisher will continue its proud tradition of bringing top quality PC games direct to the consumer via digital distribution while at the same time expanding its publication muscle into next generation consoles.

Apogee Software, LLC, is a privately held Texas limited liability company, with a core team of industry experts in game development, publishing, and distribution. Apogee publishes original content for retail distribution of games for the PC and next generation consoles and handhelds.

Jeffpiatt 09-03-2009 02:51 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
my guess is this is the iphone rott project or the reasion for the rott iphone port. i hope that the new apogee uses the doom 3 engine for the game to keep it on the id tech family. i also hope that the iphone port uses the wolf3d port control code and removes score keeping for a more modern stats page.

Kristian Joensen 09-03-2009 03:08 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
What Iphone ROTT project? You say "the" implying that such a project has been announced and/or confirmed.

BloodWolf806 09-03-2009 04:16 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
ROTT is being ported to the iPhone/iPod Touch. Like, official...not a fan port. Look it up on youtube.

Also, I'd assume that a ROTT reboot would be 360/PC/PS3 territory. Duke would be successful on PSP and DS because he already has a very large fanbase. ROTT is virtually unknown to the modern gamer, so I'd imagine it wouldn't create that much interest on a mobile platform, whereas a good showcase on the current-gen home systems would create decent buzz and following.

Jeffpiatt 09-03-2009 08:07 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
if anything it would work great on the Wii platform.
Iphone port video
the last bit on news on this was

Originally Posted by mobilainteractive
We are currently in talks with 3D Realms, the owner of the ROTT data files. We'll know more about the pricing once/if we reach the licensing agreement...

Rapture_Rising 09-03-2009 10:30 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
I thought that an iPhone version of the original ROTT would be a port not a reboot. Only time will tell

Jeffpiatt 09-04-2009 12:08 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
the intresting part was seeing the load screen use the full version title and it used the shareware data. i hope the lite game will be the shareware levels and the full be all of the wad files packed in to one file.

Kristian Joensen 09-05-2009 06:47 AM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)

Originally Posted by Jeffpiatt (Post 893683)
if anything it would work great on the Wii platform.
Iphone port video
the last bit on news on this was

So this Iphone port is not official afterall.

Neuro 09-05-2009 11:40 AM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
It would be sweet if they made a sequel with the same engine, but with modern Internet support for multiplayer.

diakonov 09-05-2009 01:41 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
A Reboot would be good:

To me, a reboot would be the making of a new ROTT. It could be a complete recreation of the original game with modern graphics and features, plus of the original game.

This recreation of ROTT could be a sequel or just the remake of the game. It would be better to be a sequel.

A possible story for a ROTT sequel:

Before the destruction of Oscuro's monastery, the HUNT team entered in a room where there was a map of many other monasteries, each one in an isolated island in the Pacific.

And each one have a boss. These bosses could be generals, robots, whatever... And the last monastery to be destroyed would have as boss, a forgotten brother of El Oscuro that became more powerful than him. But this brother hated Oscuro, because he also wanted to rule the world. So there was an occult story of conflict between Oscuro and his unknown brother.

No, Oscuro's brother was not a snake, it was essencially human, but it's body alone is as strong as 15 men. So it's still a monster in fact, with sparks in his back, red bright eyes and it's more similar to a vampire in aspect, but very strong and tall, with about 3 meters in height and also use a strong armor that need to be destroyed in order to kill him. Ah, it also use magic!

And these monasteries were similar to the destructed one. Because of this fact, the HUNT, in ROTT 2 or whatever, will have to destroy each one of them. In the sequel, each episode would be an entire monastery, because with new engine the levels would be bigger and also harder.

Level system:

In fact, the original game have many small levels. But in the sequel, each episode could have big levels and also more levels, about 5 or 10 per episode. Also, the engine could be the same of the recent Call of Duty games, with a combat system similar to that. So playing a level it would be similar to playing one of those Call of Duty levels, hard, fun, interactive and would give you many hours of gameplay to beat the game.

The levels themselves don't need to be as big as those of Call of Duty 4 or 5, but more similar to the original levels of ROTT, to keep the aspect of the original game, but with modern graphics and combat similar to COF games. Not only combat, but it also would have the traps of the original game, as well as furnitures, the triad symbols in walls and enemies. And also flying disks, of course.

Health system and powerups:

Forget the ankh symbols and life icons, because you won't need these things. If you die, you will restart from a chackpoint. You can also save the game and load exactly where you saved.

The ankh symbol would still continue to exist, but this time in walls, in many drawings. The ankh would be the Oscuro brother symbol, a worshipping symbol for the monks. Yes, Oscuro's brother also have his own legion of death monks, but they are more intelligent and deadly too!

The health system would also be similar to COF, so you won't have to find for medikits, because you will restore yourself, or the game will be very difficult and boring. It would also have the powerups, like the dog or god hand in secret rooms to make things easier sometimes. Elasto and mushroom powerups would be traps (they were traps in the original game) to make things harder sometimes.

In some parts, you will also need the flying powerup to pass through essencial or secret areas. Sometimes, when there are lots of guards or robots, you'll need armors, or you'll be in trouble!


Enemies would be the same of the original ROTT, to keep the aspect of the game, but obviously with modern graphics and models, not more that old 2D sprite and low resolution! There would be more types of enemies, to make things better (or harder). Robots will also be present, because they are part of the original game.

Ballistkrafts will be back! And this time they will seek you, because now they have a more intelligent AI system! They will also have legs and arms, so they can also punch or kick you in close range, not only fire missiles! This time they can be beaten, but hardly and only with some missiles. They would be humanoid robots, with about 2 meter tall.

Death monks will be similar to the original game, but the fire monk will shoot faster, or it will be easy to kill them. The other type of monk will also shoot something, because they are so easy to kill.


You can carry 5 weapons a time. The first weapon would be meele weapons, like knife, hammer, sword, excalibat (you can carry up to 2 the same time). The second, up to 2 pistols the same time (double pistols). The third, many bullet weapons, like MP40, shotguns, M16 (enforcer gun), etc (but you can carry only one at a time), like in COF... The fourth, explosives of the original game, including darkstaff. The fifth, grenades that you can get by killing some enforcers.

With this system of weapons, you will be hardly out of ammo!


Also, you will not fight alone in this time, but you will combat with some of your allies of your HUNT team (other soldiers). Before you start the game, you will choose one of the 5 characters of the original game, each one will make things slighly different during gameplay.

But you won't play with the other 4 in a group. In a group, you will play with other soldiers that are part of HUNT team. Maybe only when fighting the final boss you will have the help of the other characters, that will help you a bit, giving you instructions. Or sometimes they will help you somehow through the game, in some parts where you'll be in heavy trouble.

To finish:

I'm insisting in COF because to me ROTT would be perfect if it was similar to COF. If you really want intense combat, think of COF or Soldier of Fortune Payback, because it's perfect for this job. I didn't like much Crysis combat system. Half-Life 2 engine also wouldn't be good for ROTT. Doom 3 and Unreal engines also don't look good enough. I'm saying, if you want a really good and inovative ROTT, make it more similar to COF or SOFP and it will be success.

With all this mixed, I think ROTT 2 will have much more action than the original, oh yes, of course! So this would be like a perfect mixture of ROTT and COF.

And prepare to add lots of GBs to your HD, because a game like that would have at least 5 GB!!! :D:D:D

Remember: Old engines won't make success. They made before, but won't make now. Prefer COF 5 or SOFP engines.


Note: This post could help the creators to make a good ROTT sequel, not just a remake.

Jeffpiatt 09-05-2009 05:31 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)

Originally Posted by Kristian Joensen (Post 893804)
So this Iphone port is not official afterall.

there is a port in the works but the company doing it does not have the rights yet to use the registered data files. My guess is that mobia makes a iphone port of an old do game first then goes to the rights holder with a alpha in hand to show not only they can deliver but increase the odds of getting permission to port. it looks like they will do a better job with rott than the team who handled iphone build. if they do a remake they better get tom hall involved in it. and if the gog.com lineup is any indicator a blake stone reboot may also be in the pipeline for the new apogee seeing that two of the ip's they got to sell on gog.com have projects active.

peoplessi 09-12-2009 02:23 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
Incorporate coop, keep the spirit of RoTT live. Keep levels interesting. Gibs are a must, visceral feel is ok, over the top is ok too :)

Also, revise some cool & original team-based multiplayer to the game. It ensures the longevity of the game. The IP offers a lot of possibilities.

fast-1 09-12-2009 05:44 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
If they do a remake then they should just make the game, without trying to accomplish everything we all suggest.

I bought the original game with the download thing and it's old but great. ;)

peoplessi 09-13-2009 03:30 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
True, but making just "a game" and calling it "RoTT" is stupid.

Jeffpiatt 09-13-2009 05:54 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
it's a tom hall produced ip i hope there is a doom bible type document he wrote up that just could be not implemented with current tech. hech prey was a dip project to extend the build engine to have portals.

KareBear 09-20-2009 12:39 AM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
Prey never used the build engine.The whole point of it was to have a fully 3d engine to rival Quake.Although Ken Sliverman said the Prey team was considering using his next engine after build but that never got very far.Also the orignal dip/Tom Hall version of prey may not have had Portals.Portals were never publicized until the next version after they left.

Duke's New Chainsaw 11-28-2009 02:31 AM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)

Originally Posted by http://twitter.com/ApogeeSoftware/
Some big news about Rise of the Triad, be posted in the upcoming weeks. Some exciting Stuff!

Nice. :D

Rapture_Rising 11-28-2009 03:58 AM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
Awesome. But i bet its a hand-held reboot or an official iPhone game. Anyway only time will tell and if twitter is right it will in acouple of weeks.

JobivanHiob 11-28-2009 04:48 AM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
wow 3DR and Apogee are coming back big way!

Rapture_Rising 11-30-2009 09:21 AM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
Man i hope that this will be a huge HD multi-platform game (as i dont own an Xbox360 and im not interested in getting one). Personally i dont think it would unless Apogee has links to some major game studios or have hired developers with HD gaming experience then im sticking with my handheld theory (like the upcoming Duke Nukem Triliogy).

i wonder if they saw my thread i started a while ago saying would anybody else like to see a ROTT reboot


diakonov 12-05-2009 07:03 AM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
I still think that ROTT 2 using Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1 or 2 would be the best thing. Or even using Crysis engine, not being Crysis, but ROTT instead. I don't want that 90 walls! Such feature was only a consequence of wolf3d engine.

Yes, it could have doors like ROTT, but much more detailed. That system of pushwall was also a consequence of old engines. Maybe in the new engine these walls have to be destroyed in order to pass to the secret rooms?

Jump pads could still exist, but only in some areas. Life icons? Maybe not, since new engines don't have that life system that old engine have. Touchplates and levers are welcome. In the case of elevators, it now must be true elevators, not teleports!

To me, the new ROTT could have all its features, except the ugly 90 walls. Time to have 1 to 90 walls... ;)

Your ingame team would be the 5 characters, but you could choose the character to play. The others would appear in some parts of the game to help you in some harder missions.

It would be cool if ROTT 2 had stealth missions to catch them by surprise or by avoiding them. And in such missions you have to hide in shadows. Not only killing them, but also avoiding them in some parts.

When the game starts, there would be a story. And when Oscuro know that your team came to defeat him, he alerted the guards to patrol all the areas of his monastery. That's why some areas will be very well patroled, and the meaning of stealth missions.

Let's have an example. In the final part of a mission, some guard capture you and in the next mission you wake up in a prison-like room. And in that mission you have to escape by avoiding guards. Later get weapons and finally kill them to escape. This would be really fun!!!

Another example. In other mission, some robots are seeking you and you lost your weapons in that mission. You have to run like hell to escape that mission that would have much adrenaline. Ballistkrafts would have better AI system, being intelligent undestrusctible robots. You would be much afraid of that. And worst, you would be in a labyrinth!

In another mission, there are so many well guarded guards that you wouldn't combat them alone. In such missions, it would be better to avoid them in shadows and catching some of them by surprise and silently to not be seen. In some parts, you would have difficulty to hide, and that would increase your adrenaline. Ah, and some parts would have dogs that would start to seek you by a strange smell, your smell! The dog will run to you, you kill it, that will alert the guards and you'll have to find another shadow to hide! Fun, fun, fun!!!

In boss missions, not only run and shoot them. Such missions could have more creativity. For example, there are robots protecting the boss and you will have to pass them in order to kill the boss, like I'm doing in an add-on I'm making to ROTT, to revive it. Robots that protect Darian and Krist. Otherwise it will be easy and ridiculous to kill them.

PimPamPet 12-07-2009 07:11 AM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
Obviously, everyone has different ideas about how a ROTT remake/reboot should be done.

Joe Siegler 12-07-2009 12:48 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)

Originally Posted by PimPamPet (Post 906487)
Obviously, everyone has different ideas about how a ROTT remake/reboot should be done.


SpinX 12-07-2009 02:21 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
i would instabuy a iphone version of ROTT with wolf 3D controls...

if it has duke 3D controls, i would pass...

Conan of Cooma 12-07-2009 08:34 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
I like the part in ROTT where the eye balls nearly get you.

Rapture_Rising 12-07-2009 09:32 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)

Originally Posted by SpinX (Post 906518)
i would instabuy a iphone version of ROTT with wolf 3D controls...

if it has duke 3D controls, i would pass...

I woudnt really call an iPhone game a reboot, But i do believe it will be a portable game probably like the Duke Triliogy - PSP and DS.

0marTheZealot 12-09-2009 09:22 PM

Re: ROTT remake coming (WID)
whoa, my childhood/teenage years were spent playing the SHIT out of this game.

"I saved the world and all people can talk about is my name" IP Freeley.

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