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Deuce 12-23-1999 03:13 PM

I've noticed all these Dopefish sites have screencaps from Keen 4 et al... how the heck do you do that? I've never found a snap program that'll take pix from high-graphics DOS games. If anyone has one, plz email it to me at screencap@curtain.cjb.net. Thank you!

Justin 12-23-1999 03:21 PM

The only program I know of that will take screenshots of Keen is Screen Thief for DOS. The registered version isn't available anymore, tho, and the shareware version puts a big box in the corner saying "UNREGISTERED". I've emailed it to you.

Scyth 12-27-1999 01:52 PM

I once had to do DOS captures and used CaptureEze Pro. It had some minor flaw (I forget what), but worked after a little bit.

A time-limited demo is availiable at http://www.screencapture.com . Also, you may want to check out the software archive http://www.tucows.com as they have screen capture section.

Probably, however, your best bet would be a DOS-based capture program. I seem to remember Epic Megagames raving about some caputre program is their Tyrian documentation...


(note: a copy of this post has been sent to screencap@curtain.cjb.net as requested)

Scyth 12-31-1999 06:47 PM

I remember another way to do screen captures in windows that works with most games and doesn't require any special programs. Run the game from windows and get to the screen you want to capture, then hit alt-enter to switch to windowed move. An error message will probably appear saying the game cannot be run in windowed mode, however, the screen still appears in a window with a toolbar containing buttons for selection and copying (you must use the copy button, ctrl-c doesn't work). Select the region you want, copy it and paste into a graphics program.

Justin 01-31-2000 04:40 PM

That alt-enter bit doesn't work with Keen. I just tried it.

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