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8IronBob 12-28-2008 08:37 AM

Anyone map in Postal 2's UnrealEd?
I know that the basic mapping in Postal 2 is just the same as UT 2004. However, I'm thinking of doing an addon for the single player element. Right now, I'm looking at adding an "underground city" in Paradise (inspired by Saints Row 2's "Old Stilwater"). Right now, I'm thinking of putting this in the basement of the Bate's Hotel, actually. You'd actually walk into the basement, and discover the inhabitants of Paradise that you "thought" you killed. It's basically a second city under the real one, is what I'm looking at. Anyone know how to deal in single player play with this game? It's probably different from doing UT2004 mapping in that regard. What types of actors would I look for doing innocent bystanders, cops, some opposition groups, etc...?

Mr.Fibbles 01-08-2009 12:01 AM

Re: Anyone map in Postal 2's UnrealEd?
My understanding of it is that the pawns are the bystanders and you can change who they are etc. I would have to look at the editor again because I had made a map for just going on a rampage before....

Toploader 05-10-2009 05:38 AM

Re: Anyone map in Postal 2's UnrealEd?
Just noticed this post, not sure if you still wanted the info but...

Postal is pretty easy to use to alter the AI of the chars (all properties, and there are many different types of pawn to select from the actor class browser).

The scripted action system and matinee are simple enough too, and if you want some help I got some tutorial vids some English dude made for showing how to use the single player features of the Unreal engine while modding for Postal.

BenSilverstein 02-01-2010 06:04 AM

Re: Anyone map in Postal 2's UnrealEd?
8IronBob, take a look at YouTube, I remember a friend watched some videos off of that and was making a map on Postal 2, though he is a programmer by profession so I don't know how much advanced knowledge you will need to do that.

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