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GrimWoman 09-21-2010 06:08 PM

ROTT voxel pack
I've decided to start a voxel pack for ROTT because i wanted to add a 3rd dimension to ROTT without destroying the classic look of the game. Anyway the whole point of the project is to turn a few of the games sprites (such as guns pickups, health and scenery) in to voxel models.

Also, seeing as there isn't a port for ROTT that supports voxels i don't see a point in adding downloads for my voxel models yet, so your all just going to have to settle for picture for now. :)




jbailey 09-21-2010 06:27 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
Looks good! Maybe voxel support can added to winrottgl at some point...

GrimWoman 09-21-2010 08:11 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
If WinROTT-GL never gets voxel support, i hope someone will make a port for ROTT that does.

Anyway i'm working on the heat-seeker right now. I'll post pics of it when i'm done.

Dopefish7590 09-23-2010 12:17 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
Looking great ReaperMan. :D

Neuro 09-23-2010 01:27 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
These are awesome. GAD and trap voxels? OH YEAH.

GrimWoman 09-23-2010 11:43 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
Thanks for the support :)

Anyway , the excalibat is finished... I'm still working on the heat-seeker...


Dopefish7590 09-24-2010 08:41 AM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
Looks good.

If voxel support is added to WinROTT, looks like I can get some voxelized home-runs now. :p

GrimWoman 09-24-2010 12:27 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
Finally finished the heat-seeker. :)


StoneFrog 09-25-2010 03:23 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
Those are great! Real faithful to the originals.

*coughs and glares for WinrottGL voxel support*

GrimWoman 09-26-2010 12:33 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
I'm working on the Bazooka and the Dark Dark Staff now :cool:

diakonov 09-27-2010 09:51 AM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
Is it possible to make this in animated sprites, such as firelights or enemies? Each frame of an enemy would have it's own voxel. Or voxel is only possible on sprites without sense of movement? It would be good if it was present also in masked walls. With all this, rott would really look more 3d.

GrimWoman 09-27-2010 10:10 AM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
Well, it is possible to make simple animated sprites however, the enemies like the guards would take alot of voxel models to make fluid movement so that would use lots of memory.

I could do some simple enemies like the robots though. Firelights are going to be made...

StoneFrog 09-27-2010 11:53 AM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
I think voxels for more "rigid" decorations like the tables that keys rest on would be pretty cool. Don't think you could faithfully represent enemies with them, though.

GrimWoman 09-27-2010 02:15 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
The key and table are going to be separate when i make them, that way i can just spin the key on top of the table. If i can do that, it will make it easier so i hope i can.

As for the fire light i was thinking a voxel sprite mix were the pedestal that holds the fire is made out of voxels and the fire will be a sprite but i have no idea how i would do that.

GrimWoman 09-29-2010 03:23 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
The Bazooka is done... now on to the dark staff.


GrimWoman 10-03-2010 03:33 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
Alright big update....

Dark Staff, Fire-Wall and Drunk Missile are done... Now i just have to do the Split missile and all the weapons will be done :cool:



StoneFrog 10-03-2010 05:11 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
Awesome! I'd wager to say that they're pixel-perfect...in three dimensions of course. The wooden end of the Dark Staff reminds me of a piece of crispy bacon.

GrimWoman 10-04-2010 10:58 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
I edited some of the weapons i made already to make them look better, and i'm going to redo the firewall, i don't like how it turned out.

GrimWoman 10-11-2010 10:20 AM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
I made a crate... :)


Dopefish7590 10-11-2010 10:50 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
Very nice, especially the Drunk Missile and Firewall models.

GrimWoman 10-15-2010 07:39 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
I finished the monk meal, i had to almost completely remake the sprite for this one but i think it turned out nice.


StoneFrog 10-16-2010 03:20 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
Neat. Do you plan on doing the powerups?

GrimWoman 10-16-2010 07:14 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack

Originally Posted by StoneFrog (Post 948248)
Neat. Do you plan on doing the powerups?

Well i don't know if i should, they are animated and they have clear parts on them (which i can't make with voxels), But i plan on making the armor and gas mask power-ups.

Also unrelated i remade the firewall, i think it looks better now.

Bert 10-17-2010 04:34 AM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
These are great. Be sure to put up a download link when you're finished with these. Always wanted an excuse to play around with voxels :)

Per_Scan 10-18-2010 08:27 AM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
I just have to say that these voxel images look great and can't wait to see them in-game. Will there be a new release of WinROTT to support these once you've finished? :)

GrimWoman 10-18-2010 11:50 AM

Re: ROTT voxel pack

Originally Posted by Per_Scan (Post 948274)
Will there be a new release of WinROTT to support these once you've finished? :)

I hope so, I've been nagging jbailey to get birger to add voxel support to Win ROTT-GL.

Per_Scan 10-18-2010 01:52 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
Do you think it's doable in OGL? I have heard of problems getting voxels to 'render' without heavy memory overheads. Though, I believe that software rendering is much, much easier... There's a conversation going on over at the ZDoom forums just now about this very thing... :)

GrimWoman 10-18-2010 02:01 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack

Originally Posted by Per_Scan (Post 948289)
Do you think it's doable in OGL? I have heard of problems getting voxels to 'render' without heavy memory overheads.

We are talking about a game that uses a modified Wolfenstein 3d engine, i don't think there will be any problems.

StoneFrog 10-18-2010 02:53 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack

Originally Posted by Per_Scan (Post 948289)
Do you think it's doable in OGL? I have heard of problems getting voxels to 'render' without heavy memory overheads.

Ah, the Doom voxel project is really impressive. I'm a tad too young to really know, but I always thought developers were fond of voxels because software renderers could handle them - in the mid to late 90s, with there being so many graphics card incompatibilities (3DFX, for instance), people didn't want to put all their emphasis on OpenGL.

But yes. I want voxels in WinROTT all the same. :)

Per_Scan 10-18-2010 03:53 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
I love voxels. They have a charm that I've never really seen in models - it must be my age. I still really like a pixel/sprite games more than your fancy, schmancy new ones! :P

Voxels in WinROTT would be a really nice addition bringing the game into the 3rd dimension without compromising any of its pixelly goodness...

Bert 10-23-2010 06:40 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
Well I can't sleep (it's past 2 am here), so I decided to mess around with this.

I've made a little tool that loads .vox models and turns them into a triangle mesh that you can load straight into openGL. Still some work left on this thing to really get it in a usable state. I do backface culling on the models but I can optimise them further (merge coplanar faces and, in case I drop the normal, index the model further).

The only "hard" part left is integrating it with WinRott. I did a quick hack job and didn't run into any issues, except that I just winged the Z-offset and scale at the moment. The models also need to have face culling inverted and need to be rotated a couple of times compared to the default openGL system, but that's something I can (and probably will) do in the model loader. And lighting is being ignored aswell :p

Here's a screen of it running in WinRott (using the doom shotgun from the doom voxel project) : shotgun

And you can find the viewer tool here At least Reaperman will be able to see if his models work without issues. Just drop your .vox files alongside the exe and modify the .bat file to point at your .vix file. You can rotate the model with the arrow keys. No fancy camera controls available and not properly tested either. So if you run into trouble leave a message here and I'll fix it when I can. You might need the vs.net 2008 c++ redistributable.

GrimWoman 10-23-2010 09:27 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
^ You sir are the man. Thank you very much, ill try it out. :cool:

Alright i uploaded one of my models into your program and it works; how do you get the models to run in game? :)

Per_Scan 10-24-2010 05:20 AM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
This is brilliant work. Another step closer to in-game voxels. At this rate ROTT will have voxel support before Doom. I never saw that one coming! :) Well done guys and (*gets the cheerleader pom-poms out*) keep up the good work! :)

jbailey 10-24-2010 06:57 AM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
I recently sent a email to birger about voxel support, hopefully I'll hear
back soon.


jbailey 10-24-2010 12:33 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
I just received this reply from birger:


I am not sure if the engine is suited for voxels, since I know almost nothing about voxels.
So I will have to examine the problem somewhat closer before giving my opinion.


I was afraid of this, I know virtually nothing about voxel programming, and birgers' situation isn't any better, it might still be possible to get winrottgl
to support voxels, but I can't give a time frame as to when this would
happen, considering everything, someone who is already familiar with
voxel programming would probably be a better choice for this feature then
either myself or birger.

StoneFrog 10-24-2010 01:48 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
In the meantime however, surely there's nothing stopping us from just using Bert's tool to create the illusion of a voxel-compatible engine?

GrimWoman 10-24-2010 02:14 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
I agree how about implementing berts method?

jbailey 10-24-2010 03:14 PM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
That's fine with me, and I seriously doubt birger would have any issues
with doing this either, I'm not sure I can help much, but I'm all for bert
giving it his best shot..


Per_Scan 11-02-2010 04:04 AM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
Reaperman, I was wondering if you could tell me which programs you are using to create and implement your voxels? I'm asking as there's a guy over at Doomworld doing a similar thing for Doom and he would like to know. He's tried registering here himself to ask but he's having problems with account activation... Thanks in advance. :)

GrimWoman 11-02-2010 07:53 AM

Re: ROTT voxel pack
Well I personally like to use "strip2voxel" and ""sprite to voxel" for converting sprites to voxel format, and i also use "slab6" to do most of the details and color changes.

So basically i use "strip2voxel" "sprite to voxel" and "slab6".

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