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DeeperThought 08-08-2010 06:42 PM

The Attrition Mod for Duke Nukem 3D
I've noticed that this forum still has more visitors than the other Duke forums, despite the fact that it has been neglected since the 3DR meltdown. Therefore, I'm going to start posting about my stuff here again.

I have coded a lot of mods for Duke 3D. Attrition is my latest (and in some ways, greatest). I have just released a new version:

Attrition 1.10 8-08-10

· Added Lezing’s CLUT pack , for more and better monster colors
· Added over 20 more levels for the random missions episodes; there are now 120 different “missions”
· Each random missions episode now concludes in a different map with a final boss ending
· Autosave is now optional (turn it off in the Attrition menu). The menu looks a bit better, too.
· Replaced the useless shrapnel upgrade on the chaingun with the very useful acid wounds upgrade.
· Fixed a bug with the chaingun which could result in it firing faster than intended after its ROF upgrade.
· The player’s Devastator rockets start tracking enemies at level 3 now, and don’t start fires until level 5
· Improved nukes: they don’t reach as far, but they are more effective
· Displays number of missions completed and number remaining in overhead map view
· Nerfed enemy devastator rockets, because they usually resulted in near instant death
· Improved the medkit and armor upgrades
· Cloned allied monsters are better at following the player, once the expander reaches level 4
· Mirrors are now unbreakable (got tired of being stuck on mirror puzzles because a mirror was broken by an explosion)
· Other minor bug fixes and adjustments
· Comes with new and improved version of EDuke32


The version on Mod DB is an older one, don't download that! However, you can find more information about the mod there.

DeeperThought 08-09-2010 12:17 PM

Re: The Attrition Mod for Duke Nukem 3D
Maybe it would be a better idea to ignore the modifications subforum for now and post things like this in the main Duke Nukem forum. 3DR forums still have a lot of users, but they don't delve much into the sub-forums, and the modding scene has moved to duke4.net anyway.

eddym4814 08-09-2010 04:59 PM

Re: The Attrition Mod for Duke Nukem 3D
I downloaded it after you posted the link yesterday.

DeeperThought 08-22-2010 12:46 PM

Re: The Attrition Mod for Duke Nukem 3D
Update: http://fissile.duke4.net/fissile_attrition.html

version 1.11 8-22-10
· Replaced Unaided.map because I discovered it cannot be completed when map mirroring is on (replacement is RED3.map)
· Rocket scorch decals now fade and disappear after a while.
· The alien queen had too much health; it is now reduced to a reasonable level.
· Includes updated version of NsA.map (minor changes).
· Includes new and improved EDuke32.exe
· Updated documentation

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