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Guest 12-04-1998 07:19 PM

New ROTT Please!!
Will you guyz attempt to do a reamke of the original ROTT with full blown 3d graphix or make a new ROTT anytime soon?? I think the original ROTT was a very cool game!!

RugerMK1 12-17-1998 03:23 PM

Re: New ROTT Please!!

Guest 12-17-1998 03:48 PM

Re: New ROTT Please!!
Rise of the Triad is the best modem game I have played,and I have played many.It's a shame that Rott realy does not play well on Kali.The game needs to be redone with a Quake engine,but it seems that the powers that be have brushed this great game aside.

Joe Siegler 12-18-1998 03:14 PM

Re: New ROTT Please!!
No, we're not doing one, but that's not because I don't want to. Management doesn't.

Joe Siegler
3D Realms Entertainment

Guest 12-18-1998 08:16 PM

Re: New ROTT Please!!
Hey Joe,
Glad to hear you have faith in
Rott.Rise of the Triad realy rocks the boat,too bad management doesn't think so."Sigh"a person can always wish!

Guest 12-23-1998 09:13 PM

Re: New ROTT Please!!
Hey Joe, Why doesn't management want to do it?? Gawsh... I think it beats alot of games hands down... If redone with a Quake 2 Engine... it'll make a whole lot of money and blow the competition away!!

Aurora51 12-23-1998 09:16 PM

Re: New ROTT Please!!
i dont really agree with that. I think ROTT is kind of a mediocre game. I showed it to alot of my friends, and they tended to agree. Sorry, i just dont see it. Maybe its me? But i dunno. Just my opinion. sorry.

Guest 12-23-1998 10:34 PM

Re: New ROTT Please!!
Hey - ROTT's cool with me. I've rediscovered it and can't stop! Especially EKG mode! Would love to see it in super hi-rez.

Aurora51 12-24-1998 01:22 AM

Re: New ROTT Please!!
well ROTT has its moments. I like killing the Human players. How they beg and shit. And the weapons are sorta cool. Except the Machine gun has the worse sound. Sounds like a machine making popcorn. The Pyro effects are nice, but the level design, sound, music and overall graphics are just not good. They feel rushed and mediocre to me. Dont know why, they just do. And thats not Unreal and Quake bias either. I played Rott when it first came out on my 386. Didnt like it then, dont like it now. sorry.

Delphi Dude 12-24-1998 02:09 PM

Re: New ROTT Please!!
Okay, so there's not gonna be a ROTT 2, or ROTT+. But we can still make our own levels, right ? I only ever build levels for ROTT, and they, well, sorta sucked. But since I'm not doing anything important the next couple of days, I can always dig up my copy of ROTTed v1.0 http://3drealms.3dportal.com/ubb/images/icons/smile.gif

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