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Per_Scan 12-21-2010 02:48 PM

ROTT: The HUNT Begins Birthday!
Today marks the 16th birthday of the shareware release of Rise of the Triad.

It was on this fine day back in 1994 that The Developes of Incredible Power finally let their baby drop. And what a fine figure this baby has grown up to be!

Happy birthday you ROTTer!!

To celebrate the ROTT Forum has announced it's nomination time for the annual ROTT awards known as The Rancids. There's also a fanfic/fanpic competition with a real collectible Rise of the Triad prize!

The forum can be found here: http://rott.s4.bizhat.com/

So, come over and help us celebrate the lovely ROTT coming of age. OR alternatively you can post your nominations here if you're uncomfortable posting there :)

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