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Re: Who owns the rights to Raptor
Hi, this is Scott Host .. i guess to answer everything ill just go thru from 1992 till now.

First i made galactix all by myself , 1 of the guys wrote some text for intro in original verison, that was it . later on one of the art
guys made the ships look better.

After that we started working on a 3d game
called "Second Sword" for Apogee using a 3d engine from ID. and somewhere in there me
and this guy Tim started on Raptor to.

Somewhere in there ID asked us to make a game using the DooM engine, and asked us
to move to Texas .. but we needed more people ( at this point it was me and Tim
we had a demo of SS and Raptor ). when we
got down to texas we didnt wanna make the
old 3d game anymore . so after Talking to
SCott Miller we agreed to just finish raptor.
Now we had Me, Tim, Rich and Jim working on
Raptor. 6-7 months later that was done.

We worked on strife for a few months, we
where all kinda at each other throats. thats
when they made Rogue . and i went back
to chicago and started Mountain King

I Started a game with Matt ( the guy who did music for raptor , he aso draws ). Called "Mantra" was a 3d rpg. but after a year
being half way done and DOS died . and 3d cards started commign out . we either needed
to make a new game or redo this one . so we made DemonStar. which was sold by Ionos. We never got really any money from that deal
and thats when i decided to make games for myself. and now we sell like 10 games. and i havent made a game for myself in 3 years. ( but did do some art for Xarlor, and music for Hypertron and Juno-Nemesis that we sell )

And for the Record the Raptor port should run
as smooth or smoother then the dos version.
( and Raptor is our game ) The windows version uses 640x400 or 640x480 ( cuz 320x200 doesnt work under windows on some machines ) but i could see that making game run un-smooth on some machines. The only difference is the windows
version runs 2fps faster.

I know some raptor fans didnt like demonstar
but its still our biggest seller and won shareware of the year in 1999

New Game==
Now i am working on a new space game .. will be 3d above view . can fly in any direction . will have a store or stores like raptor. but will be slightly more rpg-ish. ( net play to ). should be
done in 3 months ( probaly longer hehe )

I think that answered ever question ?

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