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Smile Re: Balls of Steel problems
Oops, I forgot to update the info with the latest (probably the last one) version. It's here:

Unfortunately this version will not install on top of my previous patches, you need v1.3 to apply it. The list of all changes:
- fixed 1 additional directdraw function that I left unchanged previously.
- Monitor refresh rate profiler replaced with a different version. The old one sometimes reported wrong values resulting in too fast gameplay (just like Zebius reported - instead of real refreshrate it was reporting 63-64 Hz).
- added short delay after showing help page so it won't disappear immediately after pressing F1.
- the game won't modify process/thread priorities anymore. This might produce unwanted results if you run other things in the background. OTOH it won't delay/kill your important processes while you play.
- sound engine replaced with a newer version. Latest version of Seal engine produces less noise especially in Wavemapper mode.
- fixed a bug in the menu executable (BOS.exe) that freed memory used by a initial sound without stopping it's playback. This caused crash in Vista (not that the game works in Vista, but it's still a bug).
- the menu will no longer switch the desktop resolution to 640x480 as it causes some unwanted window resizing etc. If you want to keep it like before, just backup BOS.exe before applying the patch and restore it later.

Ok, and a bit off-topic but I made similar patches for several other games based on BOS pinball engine. I posted links on some pinball msgboard if anyone is interested (Devil's Island, Kiss Pinball etc.):
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