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Originally Posted by gt1750 View Post
Am I the only one who likes the new ones..?
Originally Posted by Parkar View Post
Nope, I do to. Never the less I have been trying to make new ones. Progress on that is slow though. Unless there is a bunch more of people who feel like TerminX I will keep the current ones for now.
As do I: I think the new ones have the right shape (considering the original), but lack the exceptional detailing that some would like. I also think that perhaps the nuke-shaped explosion should be brighter, and be less saturated, considering that the propelant fuel is not petrol, but cordite (and that the explosive compound is again not petrol but also some sort of gun powder [I am not certain, but think this type of explosive compound is probable]). Here are some pictures of a test RPG detonation.

I feel that the brightness, lower saturation, particles, and smoke are the main differences from the the present HRP RPG explosion. Of course there are liquid filled and other sorts of grenades, so maybe we can hash out what Duke is using to help come up with a more detailed explosion. If we could keep the original shape, but add some realistic elements that are reflective of the images of RPG blasts we can find, perhaps more of us will be happy with final explosion.

[Edit: ...or maybe we should look for detailed images of nuclear blasts instead. Hell, what about looking for both, and combining elements of the detailed fission explosions with elements of the detailed grenade explosions to get that trademark over-the-top look and yet tie it into the scale and context to make it believable.]
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