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Re: Jon St. John Confirmed To Be Back In DNF!
Originally Posted by MusicallyInspired View Post
There isn't a single Duke game with Duke's voice that isn't Jon St. John's anyway. Of course he's coming back. He's even said that he loves Duke. I doubt he'd LET anyone else do the voice! lol
Originally Posted by MusicallyInspired View Post
Since Duke3D then. Forgot about that voice in Duke II. But ever since Jon St John came on the scene he's standard now.
Well, you did say "There isn't a single Duke game...." Pretty black and white to me. Just teasing, anyway.

I don't pretend to be a major part in that. I did that as a goof back in November 1993 when Todd Replogle asked me if I wanted to do it. Told me he wanted it to sound like a cross between Arnold Schwarzenegger (sp?) and McBain. Wasn't quite sure how to do THAT, but I came up with what you heard. It wasn't all me, though - the "scream" that Duke makes when he dies in Duke Nukem II is Todd.

When they decided to add voice in Duke3D towards the end of the project, there was some brief talk about having me do it again, but to be honest, the scope of the work needed kind of ruled me out. For two words in an intro video, I'm OK, but they needed real professional voice talent - something I'm not. I've never been upset by it, it's just a cool little credit in my back pocket - and I'm good with that.
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