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Re: Buying a Macintosh
Originally Posted by Plagman View Post
So you compared OpenGL gaming performance between Linux and OSX on the same machine and OSX was 10x faster? Now I'm curious.
What was the game, system, versions, etc?
Both of these were on a 500MHz Processor with 192 MB RAM. Mac OS 10.4.11 and Gentoo 2007.0 Minimal CD/InstallCD.

- Iccuclus port of Quake 3 arena (Could only run it at 640x480 at lowest settings on Linux while I could play on 1024x768 on Mac with medium detail)
- BZFlag (Couldent even run this on Linux, it lagged so badly, Mac could run it at 1024x768 on high detail with a bit of lag so I run it on 800x600 wihtout lag)
- SuperTux (Mac loaded levels 3.2 seconds faster)
- Saurbrutan (Mac could run it on lowest detail with zero lag, Linux lagged on everything)

Really, I tried this open-minded.

Edit: Zero, I did compile my own kernel... You kind of have to with the CD I got. It's not impossible for Mac to have been faster. Granted not 10x faster... I was just using a figure to explain that it was radically faster.
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