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Re: The future of this forum...
Originally Posted by TerminX View Post unknown at this time. Assuming these forums aren't kept around for some reason, due to 3DR closing I'll be running some new EDuke32/Duke3D modding forums on very soon. You are all encouraged to register for accounts there and bookmark those forums in case something happens to these.

Thanks to 3DR for Duke, the source code, and for supporting the Duke3D modding community for so long!
I'm going to try and keep them going as long as possible. But given what we will likely have to do to save costs, I don't know how well a replacement server might be able to handle the traffic these forums go. We'll eventually have to cut our internet service at the office to a bare minimum, and remove our webhosting company, so they'll have to survive on some sort of shared thing, most likely. And you remember how that went over with Max Payne.

But I'll try.
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