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Re: 3DR still loaded?
First of all I am strictly talking ethics here, not legal matters. Second 3DR didn't shut down, they just laid off the DNF development team. Third you can't say what will happen in 2012 until 2012. It is ethically wrong to sue someone based on claiming that they WILL break a contract in the future. If I enter into a contract with you I can't ethically sue you because of some sneaking suspicion that you will break that contract down the line. "Well I just had this feeling that sometime in the future he was GONNA break the contract, so that is why I am suing". You might say "But there is no development team so it is pretty obvious that they won't make it in time for the October 2012 date" but that is not relevant, since that course of events need to actually happen before you can make a claim based on them and then you can only make a claim upon what has been agreed to, namely the $2.5 Million + agreed upon interest (7% p.a. according to Take Two). This potential profits thing is complete nonsense from an ethical point of view.
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