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Re: Rumor: Gearbox Reviving Duke Nukem Forever
Anyway lets summaise what we have so far

1) Kotaku's rumor that Gearbox will develop DNF:

2) Patrick Garrat owner of VG247 gaming news website posted "This is true, by the way." (

3) A Shacknews employee when asked what he thinks about DNF says he's going to call Gearbox's CEO.

- what do you think of Duke Nukem...will Duke Nukem Forever come out any time soon?
- Hold up, let me call Randy Pitchford real quick...

4) In 2006 George Brussard, CEO of 3D Realms said that DNF will come out when "pigs fly":

1UP: Wait, wait. You guys are working on Duke Forever?
GB: [Laughs] And ever and ever.
1UP: And when's that due out again?
GB: [Laughs] I think it'll be out when pigs fly.

Now this is really interesting. George suddenly tweeted a pic with guess what - pigs flying! the link being taken from

5) Also yesterday, Jon St. John voice actor of Duke tweets he is going to appear to PAX: , headed for PAX Seattle tomorrow. See you at Q&A#1 in the main theater 11:30AM Friday...ask, I'll tell almost all!

6) Yesterday, again 2K, that is the publisher of Gearbox's Borderlands and that is owned by Take-2, the publisher of DNF, says that something very big is going to be announced in PAX.
So my conclusion, pigs will fly and hell will freeze over this weekend
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