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Re: Birgers/JB's WinRott Port Thread Part 2
Oh noes! There's another problem (not serious at least). I can't do the "Ground Zero Bonus without Asbestos Armour in Medium\Hard\Crezzy mode" trick under WinRottGL. It worked well under Dos, but not anymore here. This will affect my challenge because I couldn't get the "Bonus Bonus" for most of the levels unless I'm playing in Easy mode.

And well, yet, if I want you to correct this, let me reveal how I'm doing it!

As you surely know, to perform the "Ground Zero Bonus", you need a FlameWall missile to hit yourself. The problem is, under Medium, Hard and Crezzy mode difficulties, you get killed unless wearing an Asbestor Armour. There's a way to avoid that, and it's only at one place: the Exit arch.

You must run and hit yourself with your own missile at the same time you enter the Exit arch to end the level (in bits and pieces)!

If you do well, you get two bonuses: "Skin of your Teeth" because you end the level with... 0 health and "Ground Zero Bonus" since you hit yourself with the FlameWall missile right before you ended the level. And the nicest thing about that: you don't even lose a life since the game doesn't perform the dead screen animation! However, it's a bit tough as it requires perfect timing and enough available place to run.

Now, here comes the problem. At the next level, you begin with... no weapons in hand. This is because the game "thinks" you're dead where in fact, you're not (you have been somewhat resurrected through the stairway)! Under Dos, you could solve the problem by simply toggling or selecting a weapon, causing the weapon to reappear, but under WinRottGL, you can't. You're stuck being unarmed, whatever you do. Would it be possible to get the weapons back please?

I think there's also another solution, but I have to test this out: you must do the "Ground Zero Bonus" just before you get the God or Dog mode by running through it, turning yourself invincible before the missile kills you.
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