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really? i cant recall a racetrack, a spooky mansion, an annoying cave system in episode 4 of atomic edition.

one of the levels however was in duke caribbea ( The secret level IIRC ) the one in the aztec tempel with all the water.

most of the maps seemed like user made maps.

so, from my memory i`ll make a list of maps in plug and pray

level 1, gray cave level with underground wierd temple like structures and some neat 3d puzzles.
level 2, the spooky mansion with a maze in the back yard, similar to the blood hotel level.
level 3, race track.
level 4, suburban area with a bar.
level 5, some missile launching area with an ufo there aswel ( Could be mistaken on the UFO)
level 6, aztec temple
level 7, the disco with the last boss.

thats all i can remember really. bound to mix quite a few up here.

[edit] some screenshots i found
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