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Episode 4: Plug 'N' Pray This episode is unique to this version of the game. It contains six levels and a secret level (a modified version of a level included in the original game, such that it now has a level exit). Some textures and sprietes are added from the PC episode, The Birth, but also features new content. Almost every level is based on a certain game or series. The boss enemy of this episode is CyberKeef.

The levels:

1. Nightmare Zone
-Based on the "Tomb Raider" series.
2. Trackside Tragedy
-Based on the "Wipeout" series.
3. Gates Motel
-Based on the "Resident Evil" series, and on other haunted house/hotel movies.
4. Duke Royale
-Based on Quentin Tarentino movies.
5. Alien Rendezvous
6. Ministry of Fear
7. Faces of Death (secret level)
Taken from Duke Nukem Wiki. The Birth levels are different afaik.
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