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Downloadable version question
Got a couple things to ask/suggest:

First, I've noticed that the downloadable registered version of ROTT (which is what I bought, cause I hate shipping) only has the featureset of the disk version. The entry in the 3DR store doesn't specify exactly what is left out for the downloadable version (where it does specify that the Terminal Velocity downloadable veresion is the disk version of the game). Perhaps that could be changed, unless I'm misinformed?

And the question:

Since the ROTT downloadable version and CD version appear to have the same price, is it possible to obtain the PowerPack somehow (which, as I recall, upgrades the disk version to the CD version). Though all I really care about is the ROTTCD.RTC file, which contains the additional Comm-Bat levels left off of the disk version. Would it be legal to obtain this file (and this file alone), or would 3DR care to put it up for download? I saw a similar topic on the Duke board about the Plutonium Pack (which I'm following as well), but the difference between this and that is that the DARKWAR.WAD file is required to run ROTT (and probably the DARKWAR.RTL file as well), and the ROTTCD.RTC file couldn't be used with the source alone to play the entire game. Hmm, I think I'm rambling here :P.

Anyway, the question is: Is it possible to release the PowerPack as freeware, since the price difference between the CD and downloadable versions of ROTT is essentially zero?
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