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Re: Converting from Source to UnrealEd, UED as easy as Hammer/WC?
How easy? What? Isn't that technically up to you to decide? Do you even have any knowledge of the editor yet? To be blunt, judging from that screenshot, it doesn't appear you have a lot of mapping knowledge for Source. Lots of beginner mistakes there. Yet you feel ready to move to Unreal Engine 3 (from another topic) thinking it will make your maps better?

Personally, I think you should be worrying about learning the editor and engine you're working with before thinking about starting work on a project, experience and learn both the right/effective ways to do things.

For example, from the looks of things, you have a huge hollowed out brush around the rest of your Source level, which I'm assuming has the sky texture. This is bad practise since the map is compiling and lighting up useless sections of the level the player will probably never go to or see. It doesn't look like you can use your brushes well either and your texturing is very primitive and basic.

Then again, if you're the type who's not prepared to learn and improve, ignoring my advice, then I just won't bother you about this again and leave you be.

Good luck.
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