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Re: Converting from Source to UnrealEd, UED as easy as Hammer/WC?
Now that I see it...UnrealEd is closer to BUILD's style of mapping. After all, you can use sprites like static mesh in Duke 3D, and BSP is more like sector mapping, basically... No matter why George wanted to switch to Unreal Tech, it's probably as close to more modern engines that resembles what Build was capable of. I mean, just so long as you have HRP and Polymer enabled, Duke 3D DukeMatching could almost have the same quality as that of a UT2004 DeathMatch.

After all, if I look back to the DukeMatch maps done within the past decade, I'd have to say that UnrealEd could almost duplicate it without too much effort, just so long as the geometry's not too crazy.
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