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Re: What was the last game you played: New Era
Originally Posted by ScrewingUpMyRide View Post
Favorite chapter so far? I'm assuming it has awesome pacing if Mikami's involved. Is the letterboxing fine? I assume most people either won't care or will stop noticing after an hour or so but it's I can read about the game online.

Last question, how would you say it compares to R.E. 4?
It's almost impossible to nail down a favorite chapter. The first one is a bit weak, but after that all just get better and better. I haven't played a level I haven't enjoyed.

Personally, the letterboxing doesn't bother me at all.
Hell, I played Condemned: Criminal Origins when it first came out on PC on a 5:3 monitor. Full on big black bars all over that mug.
But, personally, once you get into the game you don't notice. But, of course, tons of people won't shut up about it. There are a few fixes out there so...

And compared to Resident Evil 4? Well, it's got an upgrade system. Kind of like the weapon upgrades in RE4, but... simplified.
Also, you can upgrade your character's health, ammo capacity... stuff like that.
There are some similar enemies... like the chainsaw guy, and the basic zombie types. And, the same style of third person camera.

But after that, the similarities pretty much stop.
It's a much, MUCH slower game then RE4. And you are incredibly fragile and not as agile as Leon was.
This is a true survival horror game. I would classify RE4 much like I would Dead Space. Action survival horror. And I LOVE the Dead Space games and RE4.
But, The Evil Within is so damn great because of how challenging it is.
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