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Smirk What are you reading? (and General Literary Thread)
What are you reading or just finished reading?

What kind of books/magazines, etc., do you like to read?

What's your favorite book/author?

Do you prefer Paper or Plastic? (traditional books vs e-books)

I prefer traditional books, because it's hard to show off your e-books in the study/library room, although i do have a few e-books, when there is no other option to get a book. :tonyted: :tintyted:

I read a ton of books and have been actively collecting some for several years.

I've read about 200 in the past 4 or 5 years and average reading about 40 books a year

I generally shy away from modern era (1900+) books and try to focus on anything from antiquity up until the Industrial era.

My favorite genres are Medieval, Renaissance, Steampunk, and Victorian Era themes.

I have a wide assortment of books that include medieval murder mysteries series by various authors, medieval cookbooks, technical/reference or college books on medieval history, steampunk, video game books (Elder Scrolls, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect), modern cookbooks, a good portion of classical science fiction (Verne & Wells) and i also like to collect old worn books.

I just finished reading a book a few days ago called A Short History of Myth, which argues the growing extinction of myth and religion in current times and I'm currently reading a book on Goddesses called Everyday Goddesses: Ancient Myths for Modern Women, which dedicates a page per Goddess (356) with 2 paragraphs for each one. I got both of the books at Goodwill.

The current book has 2 pages of notes inscribed by a mother to her daughter and it was a Christmas gift. Sadly, the daughter didn't read the book, because it was in perfect condition with no signs of even being opened. I doubt she even read the inscription.


Forgot to note that i have about 400 books catalogued and have read over half of them. I also have another 150-200 books from college or younger days which i have read, but just not catalogued/inventoried.

Picking a favorite book or series is pretty hard, but i would probably go with the Chonicles of Prydain series by Lloyd Alexander, as it is one of the first sets of young adult-adult books i read and helped shape my thinking and beliefs at the time.
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