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Re: What are you reading? (and General Literary Thread)
Ok, i finally got through that Goddess book. Seemed to take forever.

I am back on a 3-book series i initially started a few months ago called Dhampir.

The story seemed very good, but sadly when i got to page 91, it suddenly turned into page 250 and went on until page 130 or so as if page 130 was 290 or whatever. I was hoping the real page 250 would be page 90, but no luck. It was a misprint.

I recently took a gamble and ordered a set of the original book and the 2 sequels online and fortunately, i got a newer edition from the same year and it doesn't have the huge misprinting, so i am about 70% done with the first book. It's pretty good and about a vampire hunter.
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