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Re: Obama signs bailout for 3D Realms
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Bollocks... Never have... I was truly disturbed at the fact that a charity that works hard to give terminally ill kids a chance to smile again was mocked in such a cruel fashion... I'm a teacher and I work with kids. The sketch wasn't well done and was poor in taste... The outrage wasn't overblown... it was well deserved.

You're a sick, sick man... and even though you're probably just joking... to still say even as a joke is just fricken poor. You've got no credibility now... seriously man - get yourself some psychological help.
Hello, you seem to be both new to the internet and a 5 year old. I don't think this site is appropriate for you so here's a better one:
Saying that someone needs psychological help because they found the sketch funny and made an off color joke is more indicative of a pathology then anything the butler said.
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