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Roland SC-55 Music Packs Website
My SC-55 music packs have found a home at

Roland SC-55 Music Packs

Currently, I have downloadable music packs in OGG form in regular ZIPs for Duke Nukem 3D, Nuclear Winter & Caribbean Vacation, Rise of the Triad, Shadow Warrior (demo), Blood, Descent I, and Descent II. I'll also have MP3 and FLAC options in the future as well. I still have more games to do that were made for the SC-55 so expect the list to grow.

I'll also be converting soundtracks for the various TCs that have been made over the years (the one's with original MIDIs) and I'll also be taking requests if you have some MIDIs you want to digitize for a new MOD or something.
Roland SC-55 Music Packs Website
- MediaFire mirror for Duke3D expansions
More SC-55 music packs coming soon...
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