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Exclamation Re: Facebook purchases Oculus VR
Originally Posted by john_doe2 View Post
I would imagine that that headset would be very hard on your eyes. Having a screen so close to your face can't be good for your eyes.
Quoth Oculus Rift FAQ, "With the Oculus Rift, your eyes are actually focused and converged in the distance at all times. It’s a pretty neat optical feature."

Not that neat. It still means that you cannot manually focus or rotate your eyeballs, which are essential features of eyes.

They claim that blankly staring into the middle-distance for hours on end is better for your eyes than moving your eyes around to look at a monitor. Which just sounds like a lie (sorry, marketing) to me. If it does take off, we'll be saying, "that kid's got Oculus-Rift-vision", because they've been trained to always track with their head and never with their eyeballs.

So at best it's about as realistic as watching a 3D movie, i.e. not particularly. Kind of a fun gimmick though. I give them a C+ for effort.
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