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Can't believe you're giving the aliens seeded life theory any air, Pansa. Seeded by an asteroid with primitive extremophiles on it seems likely, and I think the terraforming argument has been put to bed. Wouldn't there be a seriously enormous leap in the development of life that would be completely unexplained if the alien theory was plausible?
Just to make sure, did you mean "seems unlikely"? up there? Because otherwise it seems a bit contradictory.

And I don't really see the "enormous leap" that would be unexplained, other than that one leap that IS actually pretty unexplained, namely the one between chemical evolution and biological evolution.
The only thing we really have is an estimate from "proper" fossils about timeframes on this planet to be extrapolated to the beginnings of life, and geological data about climate.

I am not saying that willfully seeding is a highly probable theory or anything, just that it is "hypothetical" enough to make it a valid approach to science fiction. My point is that "spontaneous" bio genesis is in itself highly unlikely itself concerning the "happenstance" conditions that would make it plausible, that in comparison accidental seeding is somewhat valid, and with it willfull seeding as well.

I only see a major jump if such a seeding would include a complex mixture of organisms or a huge volume, since that would somewhat screw with our estimated timeline, which is pretty fragile when extended that far back to begin with?
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