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Re: Duke Nukem 3D Modelling Project part 4
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thanks for the encouragement, alandog. don't worry i haven't given up.
TeaMonster has just PM'd me some pointers regarding the space shuttle model which i'm working on.

On the other hand, regarding the stripper/cheerleader model...
once again, i think i've bitten more than i can chew
(see thumbnail)
Creating 3D art of convincingly beautiful women is something you may should attempt when you are more advanced. It's a pretty difficult task - believe me: I know it

The first and most important thing is that you need to get the proportions right. The proportions are the most important thing that makes or brakes your model - and these start in the mesh not in the texture.
For reference either see if you can find some websites that tell you about face proportions or more easy - use photo reference you can model the mesh after.

For painting the texture (not using photos) see the tutorials on Ben Mathis' website:
Especially parts 9 and 10 of the Delilah series.

Here are some hints you might want to work on first before going into details:
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