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Re: Have you seen me? Hard to find TC/Mods Part 2
Puritan you were right. When you said only some of the screenshots were incorrect I realized what happened. Originally I only had one screenshot listed for each TC/Mod. Then I decided to add more screenshots and only had three from the first time I played it. I must have messed up somehow and added the wrong ones by playing the wrong episode. I really don't know how I did it because when I just reinstalled it it only has the Vermin Clearance episode on the episode menu. Plus last month I went through the image folder and started converting all the gifs to jpgs and changed a lot of the screenshots shown on the TC download pages. Sorry for the mistake and thank you for letting me know about it. I will take new screenshots and have the incorrect ones replaced soon. Eddy

Edit: The screenshots you said were incorrect have been replaced. For some reason the More Screenshots page is acting cranky and is trying to display the screenshots I deleted too. Also I changed the rating of Vermin Clearance from fair to good. I really like this mod but gave it a lower rating because it was quite hard the first time I played it. All my ratings were based on the first play through which is kind of unfair but I wanted to get them on my site ASAP and did not have time to play them multiple times.
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