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Re: Have you seen me? Hard to find TC/Mods Part 2
Originally Posted by eddym4814 View Post
.....Also I changed the rating of Vermin Clearance from fair to good. I really like this mod but gave it a lower rating because it was quite hard the first time I played it. All my ratings were based on the first play through which is kind of unfair but I wanted to get them on my site ASAP and did not have time to play them multiple times.

Thank you for your kind words.
You can't imagine how much work an 11-level episode requires....
I realize that todays maps are more detailed. There is sort of 'build-a-level-with-zillions-of - details' fashion ruling the streets instead of good gameplay these days.

And yes, you're right; my maps are always hard ones. Some of them are quite huge too. That's the way I like Duke levels to be.
(It shouldn't be any surprise that Billy Boy is one of my "Tutors").

Footnote: I can see from your page that you've picked some screenies from the level "Unaided mission". Strange enough, that one is among one of my personal favourites.
The level isn't outstanding in any ways regarding Build tecniques but I like the mood of it...
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