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Re: Max Payne Vista Toolkit

My latest version is here:

It's also posted as a sticky in this forum.

... and on Steams and Alanwake's MaxPayne forums too.

It's kind of hard to keep all 3 alive, so I update the soundpatch posts and then go where most people/questions are, and lately that has been on the steam forums, as they did some special sales on the max collection past week, offering both for a couple of $, demand has risen there.

The actual name of the soundpatch changed several times in it's 3 years of existence, but since 1.0 I've dubbed it 'toolkit' again because it does more than just convert the game sounds, it also works on mods and checks the integrity of the game (without being intrusive) on several types of installs. At one point, wayback when all development by me seemed to have stopped, someone decided to zip up version 0.2 with some edits(for mod support) and make it available as 'vista toolkit', but the current version should serve you much better, as you can read further down in that post I picked it up again and went ahead from that point...
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