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Re: George was right! Who would have imagined?
The history of DNF really is worthy as a subject for an epic poem. Or mock epic poem, if there any John Dryden or Alexander Pope fans among the 3D Realms forums who appreciate a witty tribute to a tragic project.

If only kept their alphas and betas for the first two incarnations of DNF. Ah, well. There's always the possibility of modding for UT and QII, if Gearbox/3DR allows it, that is.

Doom 3 definitely need a lot of reconsideration before pushing toward the direction they did. I love the H.R. Giger artistic approach, but the borrowings of System Shock 2's gameplay devices such as the PDF logs, weren't adapted nor written well. The A.I. definitely needed more umph to it. It would have been cool if it had begun with you and a squad of other marines exploring the deserted Martian base, and then have the demons flank you when you least expect them to.

I think Doom 3 could use a TC reimagining. Lots of potential features for the Doom 3 engine have not been realized yet for modifications.
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