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Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Saw this on IMAX this morning. Awesome movie. My favorite since The Avengers. Probably the best sequel since The Dark Knight. Iron-Man 3 was intense but this one is more grounded and it works. I liked Thor better than CA1: The First Avenger yet its sequel, The Dark World was a bit ho-hum in comparison.

This is a real, edge of the seat thriller with some badass fight scenes. The Winter Soldier is brutal, an antithesis to everything Cap. The mid point reveal was a bit too comic book (imo) in tone at first but the movie makes up for it. I missed some Marvel references but I'll definitely fix that when the DVD/BR releases. Also couldn't stay for the post-credits scene, but the mid-credits one was good even if once again, I wasn't familiar with the references.
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