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Re: Using "super sprites"
Originally Posted by Neuro View Post
For instance, I think that making high-resolution sprites would be a neat idea, but making 3D models wouldn't be.
So you want to play Quake IV with sprites????

One thing you could do, would be to make accurate models of the sprites - not just game models, but realistic, high-poly models. When you have them, render out sprites of them. Pose your model and then turn on the realistic lights and fire up the high-quality rendering engine. You could set up the lighting so that you get a faithful rendition of your subject. Then you pose the model in the same poses that the sprite came in and render out the various views that match the sprite.

This means that there isn't the fall-down that most 3DR source ports suffer from - that being that there don't seem to be any OpenGL coders in the community.

That way you can have really realistic looking critters and people - nicely rendered in very high-res - so that they actually DO look real - but you don't have all that 3D thing that you don't like.
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